This document aims to introduce and support the proposal to build a 3 storey residential development of 18 units at Quentin Court, Quentin Rise, Livingston, West Lothian.

The development was designed to be built in modular construction, with modules being produced in factory and assembled together on site.

Modular construction is a process in which a building is put together off site, using the same materials and under the same building regulations and architectural specifications as traditional construction. The production of the modules can occur simultaneously with site and foundation work, allowing projects to be completed in a shorter time. Also, when building in factory, material waste is cut down by controlling inventory and recycling and protecting materials, weather delays are avoided and risks of accidents are reduced.

This development is a demonstration project from Places for People, in which the main purpose is delivering a project built off site, as quick and in a most effective way possible.

All the decisions were made taken in account a greater ease of production in factory for a better and innovative way of delivering social housing.